Friday, December 29, 2006

The dates on my posts.....

There is steam coming out of Meowms head. She noticed that the dates are not correct on my posts. So she went to FAQ and thought she had the answer for fixing it, but all it did was move an old post to the front.

Anybody know how to fix this problem? I don't want Meowms head to blow off.


The trip...part 3

I really liked the Christmas Tree. I wandered under it several times and sniffed around. Grandmeowm and Grandpaw have a great window where the tree was...I liked sitting in it and seeing what was happening outside.

I didn't meet my cousins face to face...just through a window. But we exchanged plenty of growls and hisses. My black and white cousin is Bud. He adopted my Grandparents.....just wandered in one day and stayed. My black cousin is Terrorist. He was hiding under Prandpaws work vehicle one day. When Grandpaw walked up to him, he came out and went right to him. He came home and has been there ever since. He used to run all over the house and tear everything up....nothing was safe....that is why he is named Terrorist.

The last picture is me with my Grandpaw. He was watching a football game and I wanted someone to snuggle with. He was right there, all warm and comfy, so I curled right up!

The trip....part 4

Grandmeowm gave me a catnip mouse for Christmas. One of her friends handmade it and the nip is homegrown! It is a great nip mouse! I love it and I tried to tear it apart! I played with it for awhile then I needed to go sleep...ya know how nip is! Well, Meowm didn't put my mouse away and my cousins came in that night and played with it! They played with MY mouse! They slobbered all over it and moved it and.....and.......I just can't believe that Meowm didin't take better care of MY mouse! Ah well, I guess it is good that my cousins got to play too!

I believe that I will have one more post about my trip and then I will be done. I hope you are all enjoying my trip as much as I did.

The road trip part 2 (part 1 is the post "We are home")

Meowm and Grandmeowm made a wall hanging for my Uncle. They were spending so much time on it that I was feeling neglected, so I jumped up on the table and lay down on all the stuff they were using. It was actually pretty comfortable. They didn't have pokey things lying around for me to lay on. They laughed at me and they did pet me, so I made the right move by jumping up in the middle of their project.

I enjoyed being in my bed....especially where it was sitting! I got a whole big window to look out...all to myself! I could see the vishus deer across the street! I had to watch them close because they moved! I never knew when or if they would jump off that lawn and come after me! I was glad I had lots of beans around to protect me!

More road trip on Tuesday!

Everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

We are home!!!!!!

We made it back safely!!!! Meowm doesn't know how to post pictures the way I want her to, so I will tell my story over a few days.
We left shortly after lunch time. Meowm put me in the prison transport unit and I was not pleased. I told her about it, but she said I had to wait till we got on the highway before I could get out. I am not sure what a highway is, but it was awhile before she let me out. Once she let me out I kept asking about where we were going but she didn't answer me. She may have thought she did, but she doesn't speak Meezer near as well as she thinks she does. The ride seemed to take forever and even though I had my nifty flame bed I just couldn't settle in. We went through this one smelled like human food. I crawled up on the dashboard and would have jumped in the building, but Meowm said that McDonalds wouldn't appreciate me being in there. Who do they think they are? Anyone should be proud and pleased to have me visit them!
Once we got to my grandparents house I had lots to check out. I wandered all over and smelled. I could smell my cousins, but they were no where in sight. I found the perfect place to sleep as you can see from the above pictures. I had no idea that my Meowm had shipped the bed that I graciously share with her to my grandparents house so that I could rest comfortably! Well, apparently she didn't as I was moved that night into a different room, where the door was closed on me! The nerve! I couldn't run around all night and inspect things! At least I had my Meowm to keep me company and my flame bed to snuggle in. Oh...and Meowm put my flame bed on the SMALL bed she was in so I could be near her. I emphasize the small because it was small compared to the bed I am used to. We made do, but sometimes it was to crowded and I slept on a chair for part of the night.
I'll close this post now and work on another tomorrow!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Safe and sound....

We arrived safe and sound. We have been here for a day already, but we have been settling in. The drive was horrible! It will take me awhile to forgive Meowm for that nastiness!

We have had a vishus deer siting! They are across the street! And my cousins go outside! Meowm has beentrying to sneak up on the vishus deer to get a picture, but no luck yet!

No good pictures of the cousing yet either, but Meowm continues to try. My Uncle arrives today! This will be the first time I have seen him! I am quite excited!

Will post later if I get a chance!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Meowm tells me we are leaving today shortly after noon! We will take pictures but will not be able to post them till we return. We may be able to blog a bit while we are gone.
If we don't blog you.......
Please keep us in your purrayers as we travel today and on the 27th. We have been having lots of snowy conditions and Meowm worries more with me in the car.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Toesday! Toesday!!!

Here's my toes! Aren't they wonderfully white!?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Meezer Monday

Here I am with my new toys that I got from a cat swap! See my nifty piece of watermelon? It has nip in it! That little white thing I am rubbing on, it moves around! You can't see the nifty wand toy! It has a feather and bells on the end of it! I love my new toys!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Flame and Foot Friday

Need I say more?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A little note about beta blogger

Meowm was told that it works the best in Mozilla Firefox. She doesn't use that but she has found that she has to log in to beta blogger first, then she can go post a comment at other blogs. But if she doesn't log in first, she can't post comments.

Hopefully this will help.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

That giant tub of water

that Meowm likes to sit in every night. I don't understand why she likes it so much, but I understand why I like it. There are things that move around in there. If you look real close at this picture you can see them.....I think the humans call them toes.

But there are other things that I find interesting in there. There is something invisible that makes the water move around. I tried to catch it last night, but my efforts went unrewarded. All I got was wet feet!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My toes are a little blurry, but you see them well enough. I have some purrty nice calws huh?

Meowm took one of my old pictures and made the flashy box do something strange to it. I like how fierce it makes my eyes look.

Meowm got on the phone thing again last night, but she petted me and at least kept one of her hands on me while she was on there, so I didn't feel the need to try to bite her. I might be getting her trained....just a little bit.

I'm getting excited for my road trip. Meowm was making a list of things to take for me. I am gonna have to sneak some special things on that list.

Gonna nap now.......

Monday, December 11, 2006

Meezer Monday

Meowm was annoying me when she was taking this picture. I was trying to sleep and she wouldn't leave me alone. At least the flashy part wasn't on.

Do any of you get tired of your beans being on that talking thing? I am getting annoyed at my Meowm lately when she is on that thing. So annoyed that I have begun meowling at her when she has been on there to long. Yesterday I started in on her within minutes of her being on that thing.....and I reached up and tried to bite her on her head. All I got was a mouthful of hair though. But she knew I was annoyed. She turned around and gave me a dirty look! The nerve! She wasn't paying attention to me and she was gone most of the day on Saturday! Doesn't she realize that I have to have my quota of attention and I wasn't getting it with her on that talking thing? She even had the nerve to swat me on the butt after me only getting a mouthful of hair! But then I settled back and she leaned over and kept her hand on me the rest of the time she was talking and that made me feel better. Time will tell if I continue to harass her when she is on that thing or not.

For Libby.......

Friday, December 08, 2006

Frootbat Friday.........Foot Friday

I am not a Frootbat, but I thought Foot Friday might be ok.....kinda like Toesday. Meowm loves my pink feet...and my pink tummy! She always wants to pet and rub on them, but I don't like that very much. I am more tolerant of it than I used to be, so I let her get away it a little bit.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

An update and a good book...

You know that little board on the side of this blog that talks about Project Valour-IT? Well, I have an update on how much money was raised. The goal was $180,000 and $230,000 was raised! 700 laptops with voice activated software have been distributed to injured soldiers! this is wonderful!!!! Now all those soldiers can stay in touch with family and friends! They will have a better Christmas because of all of the people who helped and donated! So I am sending out a big THANK YOU to all who helped!

Mr. Hendrix posted about a great book called dog Heroes of September 11th. I wanted to tell you about a book called Not Left Behind: Rescuing the Pets of New Orleans. All royalties from the sale of this book goes to Best Friends Animal Society. It is a great book....go get one!

Also, Meowm drew a picture of me for Eclairs contest. She has had some trouble getting it posted, but Eclairs Meowm is going to help her. So go check it out at


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One year ago today.....

she who came before me crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Meowm says it happened very suddenly and she was extremely sad. This morning I climbed up on my big bed that I share with her and laid down. Meowm says I was laying in the very same spot that China would after Meowm would get up in the mornings. I know Meowm still misses her very much....sometimes she still cries. Here is what Meowm wrote after China passed:
I don’t remember the exact day or year China came to take over my home….I think it was May of 2002. What I do remember is that it was a Saturday…..and she made about an hours journey with her family that was giving her up to get to me. I don’t know exactly why they no longer wanted her. They told me it was because their daughters boyfriend was allergic to her. I say get rid of the boyfriend…and later I learned that they didn’t really like him anyway. Whatever the reason……I am glad she came to me. I had never seen her….I worked with Neil and he asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a cat. I didn’t know of anyone, but asked some questions. What kind of cat was she, was she fixed. He wasn’t sure, but he thought she was Siamese and yes she had been fixed. So I thought about it for a few hours and told him that I was thinking of taking her. Two days later I knew I would take her. So plans were made. I was going to be gone on vacation, so they kept her till I came back. I got up that morning and was anxiously awaiting her arrival. Soon the knock came and I got my first look at her. She was, of course, gorgeous. She was also scared. She didn’t like the trip at all. I took her from Neil’s wife and she immediately crawled up on my shoulder, all 15 pounds of her. I let her hang out there a bit, then Neils’ wife peeled her off me and set her on the floor. She promptly ran and hid under the bed. Neil and his wife left with promises of coming back with food. They had already brought the litter box, liners and litter. I assured them it was not necessary, but they insisted. Off they went and I was torn between waiting for China to come out or going and getting her out. Well, I wandered over, hunkered down and peered at her and called her name. She wasn’t moving. Probably thirty minutes later another knock on the door and in comes Neil with a large bag of food, large bag of litter and a cat dish. I felt like it was Christmas! About an hour later I couldn’t’ stand it anymore….back to the bed I went. I laid down and called China, she didn’t budge. So I kinda scratched the carpet and called her…..this got her attention. I kept doing this and finally she crawled close enough that I could pet her. Oh she loved this! I kept petting and she would call a little closer….finally I was able to pull her out. We sat on the couch and I pet her for awhile then she got up and went exploring.It wasn’t long before she settled in. And it wasn’t two weeks after she came to me that a kitty quilt from Grandmeowmy arrived in the mail. The quilt went on China’s favorite place---the back of the overstuffed chair---and she loved that! It was wonderful to be sitting in that chair, playing on my computer and to feel China’s warm soft body behind me. One time I came home from getting my hair done, sat down to doodle on the computer and the next thing I know China is sniffing at my hair and then grooming me. I had to chuckle….couldn’t blame her..that hair color isn’t the nicest smelling stuff! China loved the sun shining in the glass sliding door. Many mornings she would curl up and sun herself. On mornings when I was chilly I would join her there. What a picture that would have been! Both of us flopped out on the floor in the sun! One night I left the bedroom window open. I lived in an apartment complex on the bottom floor, which was actually in the ground. My bedroom window was at ground level. Well I am peacefully sleeping and suddenly awakened by the unmistakable sound of a yowling cat. Seems an outside cat had dared to come up to the window. If China could have gotten to that cat fur would have flown. Needless to say, the bedroom window stayed closed after that. However, the sliding glass door would be open from time to time and she enjoyed the outdoors that way. She could see some of the birds flying around and enjoyed listening to them. One Saturday I remember laying down for a nap and China joined me. I was laying on my side with my out horizontally and China came over, laid down and lay her head on my arm. We napped just like that. I wish I had a picture of that one! When I decided to move, she had a great time checking out the boxes, and as they stacked up she enjoyed sitting on top of them and surveying her domain. I bought a cat carrier and opened it up at home so she could get used to it. Moving day came and she was all to happy to crawl into her carrier, but she meowed the entire way to the new house. We got settled into the new house and China found new places to perch. This place had wide windowsills that she could sit in. And there were no other cats around but she sure enjoyed just sitting in the windows sniffing the air, listening and watching the birds. It was in this place that I purchased the window seat for her. I couldn’t bear the thought that she wouldn’t have any sun to lie in. This became her new favorite spot. She also got a bed on the dryer. She liked this spot as it was a bit higher than her other perches and she cold actually look down on me when I was sleeping. She would curl up on the dryer at night and watch me till I put away the book I was reading. Then she was on the bed quicker than a flash, purring and waiting for her petting. China never warmed up much to men. I know that Neil didn’t like her and I think he scared her. I wasn’t happy with him about this….but as she stayed with me she got a bit more used to men. She wouldn’t wander up to them and headbutt them like she did women, but she got to where she was not quite as scared. It was especially nice having China with me when I had surgery in November of 2005. She had taken to sleeping with me on the bed long before this surgery, but it was wonderful to have her there while I was recovering. This was also one of the only times she wanted to be a lap cat. I won’t go into the night she died…. I miss her tons! She loved to be petted and would roll over on her back for tummy rubs. I miss this too along with her instant purr and her soft fur, and more things than I can possible write about. She died on the night of December 6, 2005. It is a night I will never forget, just as I will never forget her. I am glad she is at the bridge waiting for me…..I can’t imagine life after death without her, I just wish I could have had her with me longer here on earth. I miss you little girl and look forward to being able to see you and snuggle you again!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Waking the Meowm for food....and the critter in the corner.

My Meowm is getting harder to wake up in the morning to feed me! That noisy box goes off, but she just hits this button and rolls back over. I let her get away with this a couple of times, I curl up next to her tummy and take a little nap with her, but the next time the noisy box goes off it is time to get up and feed me! It's getting to where I have to use all my feline wiles to get her out of my bed! I purr real nice for her. I rub my soft silky fur against her. This morning I used my paw to brush the back of her hair.....she just laid there! I am not certain what else to do. I may have to resort to pouncing on her!

On another note.......there is a critter in our home! I have seen it but I don't want to tell Meowm what it is. She has seen me staring at one sport and just hanging out in this area. I have pawed and clawed at this corner in the much that she stuffed something in it. Now I don't know if or when the critter will come out. It doesn't really matter....I will be ready for it!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Meezer Monday!

Please excuse the brightness and the bluriness. The bright picture shows a goos hot of my baby blues. In the blurry picture you can kinda see my cool stripes. Meowm is still learning some stuff on that flashy box.

Grandmeowm called yesterday and said that if I came with Meowm for Christmas I didn't have to stay locked up in one room. She said the indoor/outdoor cousins could stay on the sun porch (it has a wood stove in it) and I could roam the house. Then at night I could sleep in the room with my Meowm, with the door closed so my cousins can come inside. So it's looking purrty promising for me to be taking a trip soon!

I emailed Skeezix and he gave me some good traveling suggestions! He has one fancy travel litter box. I would like one, but I don't think Meowm can get me one right now. She is going to take my new flame millie bed and probably an extra one of my blankets.

I'm getting kind of excited!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Meowm is trying to be creative....

with a picture of me! She says it isn't working to well. She is also very impressed with all htose beans that use Paint and Photo programs so well. She says if she gets one that she is pleased with she will post it later.

In the mean time, she needs everycat and everybeans help. She is thinking of taking me home with her for Christmas. This means a 6 hour drive, which I do pretty well with as long as I am not locked in the prison box. Also this means that once we get to my Grandmeowms house I will have to be in a room by myself. Grandmeowm has 3 indoor/outdoor cats. I am dominant and am an indoor kitty only. The other option is me staying at home (in Utah) by myself, with a lady coming over to feed me. Meowm has 4 1/2 days vacation, she is thinking of leaving after lunch time on the 20th and returning on the 27th.

So what do the blogging kitties and beans think. Should I stay home in Utah all that time, basically alone, or should I endure the two, 6 hour trips and staying in one room? I would have company on and off during the day in the one room and I would get to meet my Uncle bean (I have already met my Grandbeans).

Let us know what you all think.