Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally Friday~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very glad it is Friday! Now Meowm can stay home with me. She has seemed a bit stressed this week, so I have my work cut out for me. Some extra purrs are called for and I may have to let her pet me a bit extra.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I was tagged by Latte!

Five Reasons Why I Blog:

1. Well, Meowm was looking for something to do online...she was kinda bored with what she already we created a blog for me.

2. I love sharing pictures of me.

3. I love all the friends I have made in the blogoshpere! There are so many wonderful kitties and beans out there!

4. It is a way to express myself. I only have my Meowm at home to share things with and that just isn't enough.

5. Just cause it is fun!

Now, the five I choose to tag are: Yao-lin, Kimo and Sabi, Millie, and Monkey.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

We decided to feature She Who Came Before Me, China. Wasn't she beautiful?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The polar bear in my house......

Here is the polar bear that lives in my house. He is strangely quiet. I can't believe that he should be that quiet. I mostly ignore him....he doesn't eat my food or try to eat me so I am okay with him being around. Meowm does stop sometimes and pet on him.....which is weird to me because he doesn't rub against her like I do, or headbutt her. He doesn't snuggle with her at night and help keep her warm. Course, he doesn't wake her in the morning, grooming her so she will feed him either. And he hasn't scratched her, at least not that I know of.
He does have a great tummy, for Tummy Tuesday....Meowm should have gotten a picture of his paws for Toesday, but you know beans aren't the brightest creatures on earth. You can see he is wearing Skeezix favorite color, pink. He is ready for a luau.....I wonder if Meowm is gonna roast a pig for the luau?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Here I am with my favorite wand toy! It's kind of grassy feeling with some little ribbons it it! I just about have it shredded and I heard Meowm say the other day that she may have to get me another one! WOO HOO!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

My giant bed.....

Here I am on my giant bed. I am kind enough to share it with my Meowm. She changes the bedding on it every week for me. You can kinda see the polar bears and penguins on the nifty flannel bedding. It also has snowflakes on it. I love my giant bed!!! I just wish Meowm was home more to keep me warmer in it!

Happy Blogiversary Kats Cat!

We love you!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Laying in the sun!

Meowm moved things around at home so I would have some good sun to lay in. At our other place I had a window seat, but that doesn't work here. She has been worried about me not getting enough sun, so she figured out how to let some in. She says she has to call the office and tell them to trim back the trees so more sun can come in.

You can probably tell from the look on my face that I was really enjoying myself. I am so glad Meowm did this for me!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Here are the ducks outside my home. These are the two that are comimng up to my window the most, but there are more out there. As the spring and summer progresses, Meowm will take more pictures for me to share with all of you!

Last night Mewom had the door open and I heard a whole bunch of birds. Meowm called them a flock....whatever it is, there was a bunch of them talking and I wanted to go get them!

I can hardly wait to send out everyones prizes and gifts from the contest! It will be so much fun seeing and reading everyones reactions! Meowm says we don't have all the gifts in our paws right now, but we will soon, so please be patient!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I am a featured cat!

At My Big Fat Orange Cat!

Go visit!

PET FOOD RECALLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone please tell everyone you know and go check this out!

AND THE WINNERS ARE.............

First place goes to Yuki! Congratulations Yuki! You win a wonderful millie bed from Siamese Rescue!

Second place goes to The Meezer Gang! Congratulations! You win two purr pads from Siamese Rescue!

Third place goes to Rosie and Cheeto! Congratulations! You win a purr pad from Siamese Rescue!

I also have a little gift for everyone who participated or posted a comment that day. So everyone needs to sen me their address and how many cats are in their homes to juniorbabeeAThotmailDOTcom.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! And thanks for making my first official contest so wonderful!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's nearing our 140th post....Guess when it will happen!!!!!!!!!!

Meowm, what should we blog about today?

I don't know Junior....what do you want to talk about?

I'm not there some kind of contest we can have? I just won all those great things from Cyclone Cats. Shoul we do some kind of contest?

We could probably do that Junior. We are past our 100th post. Should we shoot for our 140th?

That sounds great Meowm! What will the prize be for the winner?

Well, I think we should get them something from the Siamese Rescue since that is where I got you. That way we help other Meezers and get a prize to give out also.

WOO HOO! I like that idea Meowm.....can we get a millie bed? I love mine!

I think that can be arranged Junior. We can't do this kind of thing very often, but we can do it this time.

Meowm, there are lots of blogging cats that haven't won things...could we have a second and third smaller prize?
Yes, let's do that.
So, everyone guess! You need to guess day and time (in mountain standard time). The contest will end on March 19th! And here is a little hint: I don't blog on weekends! And I guess I better say one vote per cat in the household. Out of country cats can enter!
Scroll down for current posts.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Water testing seminar

My friend Monkey posted a great lesson on water testing yesterday! You must go check it out!

I saw some duckies yesterday!

And they were right outside my door! Well, okay, there is my door, then a porch....and then there they were! Meowm says there was a female and a male. I didn't care about that I was just having fun watching them! Meowm even picked me up so that I could see them a little better. Now I just have to figure out a way to get close enough to them to steal a feather!

HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY EVERYONE! Be sure to go have some nip in honor of the day!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite things to do:

1. Eat stinky goodness, crunchies and treats.
2. Sleep in my millie bed, on the big bed that I share with Meowm or on my chair.
3. Play with my toys...all of them.
4. Try to tear apart my toys with nip in them. I tore a hole in the mouse my Grandmeowm gave me for Christmas. I have torn quite a large hole in the heart Kaze gave me for Valentines Day. I can't get a hole torn in my nip carrot!
5. Eat the nip after I tear a hole in the nip toys.
6. Stand guard over Meowm while she is in the human litterbox room . I stand on the counter so that I am between her and the door.
7. Drink water out of the big tub when Meowm fills it and gets in it.
8. Try to catch those things moving around in the big tub of water.
9. Dip my tail in the big tub of water (I have the cleanest cat tail in the world!).
10. Keep my Meowm guessing about how much I want to be petted. I am very particular about being loved on.....I only want it when I want it and I only want how much I want.
11. Groom my Meowms loooooonnnnnnngggggggg hair to make her wake up in the morning! I want fed when I want fed and not a minute later and grooming her hair drives her nuts!
12. Doing the stop and plop when Meowm comes home from work.
13. Snuggling with Meowm while she is asleep.....this way she isn't aware that I am doing it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy Tuesday!

Meowm is kinda busy so she we probably can't visit all our blogging friends today!

Meowm came home last night and played with that thing on the tv again. But not for very long. She petted and petted on me and we played some too! Then I napped and she watched a show on the tv. When we went to bed, she petted me lots more.

It's warming up here! When Meowm got home and after she fed me, she opened up the big sliding glass door! I love it when she does that cause I can smell all the outside stuff! And when I jump up on my bed I can see all kinds of stuff AND smell it! I can hardly wait for the birdies to really start flying around!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Meezer Monday!!!!!!!

What a weekend! We had company on Friday and Saturday night! On Friday night we had one lady visiting us. Her and Meowm played with this strange toy....they hold something in their hands and stare at the television thing alot. All kinds of strange noises happen whe they are doing this. They played with that for so long that I finally had to sit in front of them and tell them off! It was time for them to stop and pay attention to me! Also it was way past Meowm and my bedtime!

Then the next night they were at it again! But this time another lady was there. She was very nice....she brushed me with the zoom grooom and she had funny smells on her...Meowm says she has a ferret...whatever that is. I smelled other cats on both those ladies.....and one of them had her toes bare, so I got to check those out! They stayed up purrty late again, but I didn't tell them off this time.

On Sunday, Meowm was with me all day long! We had a nap together and she petted on me lots. We also played with the wand toy! I was so glad to have my Meowm all to myself!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Just a quick note!!!!

To tell everyone to have a great weekend!!!!!!

Look for new posts below our 140th entry!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen and please say some purrayers

First of all, there is a snowshoe staying at Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue by the name of Kojak. Kojak was pulled from a shelter and had caught a real nasty virus. He is doing better with some TLC, but could use more please everycat and bean say a purrayer that he continues healing and gets completely better soon. Meowm thought about posting a pic, but is is kinda sad, so she left it out. If you want to see him email me at juniorbabeeAThotmailDOTcom.

Thirteen things Meowm thought during the flood (with bleeping):

1. Maybe this leak will stop if I tighten the knob.
2. Oh S@$t!
3. Now what the h*%do I do? (as she was holding the knob down to keep the water from shooting up to the ceiling).
4. The shut off valve won't budge. (as she was holding the knob down and reaching under the sink).
5. I need more leverage, but I really don't want the water shooting up to the ceiling.....maybe I will just try moving the knob for a second.
6. EEEKKK!!! (as she slams the knob back on the water plume).
7. Gotta try it anyway....I can't stand here like this all night. (she removes knob, gets under sink and the shut off valve still won't close).
8. Have to get water shut off (as she runs frantically through the apartment to the laundry room).
9. Crap! Two valves on the hot water heater.....I'll try this one...not bout this one.
10. WOO HOO! No more water spraying everywhere.
11. Must call the office......blah, blah, blah....hurry up, I need maintenance! D&*n answering service!
12. Towels, I need towels...lots of towels!!!
13. (A knock sounds on the door....Meowm opens it) the stranger says "You got a water leak?" Meowm says "More like a flood" (as she stands there, drenched from head to toe).

It was quite exciting actually. I don't think Meowm felt that way though.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My gift from the Cyclone Cats

Look at all my loot from the Cyclone Cats contest! I got treats and stinky goodness! I got mouses and balls with feathers attached to them! I got crinkle balls, a green fuzzy mouse, and catnip! And there is this nifty thing that has a ball attached to it and it moves back and forth when I swat it (Meowm says it is a ball attached to a spring and then attached to a scratch board). I bet it has a name but I don't know it and Meowm doesn't remember it right now. That's okay! The most important part is that I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!!!!! And they sent the cutest congratulations can see it in the picture. All of them signed it and Meowm put it on the fridge...after she let me see it and smell it.
Thank you Dazey, Jesse and Connor!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Flood Control Monday!!!!

Sorry I missed yesterday! Meowm couldn't access the computer because we had a big plume of water shooting straight up in the human litter box room on Sunday night. Meowm was standing over it trying to get it to stop, but it wasn't working. So she ran into the room where the big machines are and she did something in there...then the water stopped shooting everywhere. Then she got on that phone thing and talked to someone real fast....well she was talking fast, but I don't think the other person was. Then Meowm ran around and got all these know, the kind that beans rub all over their body after getting out of the tub of water? Yep, she grabbed bunches of those and threw them on the floor. At first I thought she was going nuts and making a bigger mess....then I realized that she was mopping up the water. It took her awhile to do that! I mostly stayed out of the way. Once the water was mostly mopped up I ventured in to check things out......WOW! What a disaster! There was water on the counter and under the sink. There was water on the walls and on the ceiling! It was amazing! Meowm started dragging things out from under the sink and wiping them off.....she cleared everything out of the human litter box room! Then she set on the edge of that tub thing and started strangling all those blankies!!!!!!!!!! She musta been very mad about all the water....cause she strangled every blankie in there! Then the machines in that one room started up and ran forever! Oh and this stranger came over and looked at things. He turned a couple of knobs and then disappeared! Meowm was up most of the night strangling blankies and making the big machines she didn't work on Meezer Monday. Two strangers came yesterday and fixed something in the human litter box room and Meowm has moved a few things back in there. But I think I heard her say something about "now the cold water shut off valve is leaking....crap!" So I guess maybe the strangers will be visiting again.

So I missed Hug Day that Mu Shue started and I am very sorry for that! So I am sending out a big ole HUG to every cat out there! I love all of you!

Now I gotta go recover from all the excitement!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Please don't leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beau, Skeezix and Zeus!!!!!!!!! Life would not be near as much fun without you!

I'm sorry that beans and cats got their feelings hurt.....but please stay.....we all love you!

Frisky Friday

Since I don't have frooty ears, I figured I would post some frisky pictures instead!

Sometimes I see things on the walls at home. Sometimes they are kinda gray and other times they are kinda shiny. Meowm calls them shadows and reflections. Whatever they are, I like them. I chirp at them sometimes and I try to catch them. It is great fun! I'll have to get Meowm to get some pictures of me playing with them.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tissue paper!!!!!!!

I LOVE TISSUE PAPER!!!!! I finally wore out the tissue paper pictured. It came in my Valentine package from Kaze. Meowm was kind enough to bring me some more home! I have four sheets of it to play with right now. I love to pounce on it and slide underneath it. I love the crinkly noises it makes and I love to lay on it! Tissue paper is one of the best things ever made!!!! I was doing the wiggle butt this morning and pouncing on the tissue paper. Meowm was laffin and laffin (just like Jeter).
Does anyone else like tissue paper as much as I do?