Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some changes

Hi everyone!

We are still here. Meowm doesn't have as much access to the net at work anymore so we won't be around as much. We miss all of you! We are working on getting the sick home computer fixed and then we will sign up with Netzero so we can visit everyone easier. We will check in from time to time from the library.

Junior and Meowm

Also, Meowm is looking for a new job. She has her application in at a place and is supposed to hear something next Wednesday. Everycat and bean please purray for her.......she really wants this job.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Get Well..............

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GET WELL SOON LILLY LU!!!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is this Meowm? Is it my birthday present? It smells okay....

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It is quite soft and squishy...
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It has a tail like me.....and is kinda the same color as me...

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It even has blue eyes like me.....I think this is just a purrfect birthday present!

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Special thanks to Auntie Lois, Auntie Marilou and Auntie Deb. I got the first one of these!!!!!!

These special millie beds can be purchased through Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue in about a month. They will come in a variety of Siamese point colors. I am not sure how much it cost.....but it sure is great!!!!!

Everycat get your beans to get you one of these....if you don't want a meezer looking one with the tail and eyes, there are still the regular millie beds------like my flame bed-----and they are just as wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a link to Siamese reescue (meezer rescue) in my sidebar.

I am going pink for Lilly Lu! GET WELL SOON!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Rememberance

Thank you to Caesar and Prinnie's college girl for creating this image and thank you to Daisy, the curly cat, as that is where I actually took the image from.

Scroll down for todays other entry.

You can go here:

to leave a condolence message.

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tummy Tuesday...

I don't let Meowm get pictures of my tummy....I am very particular about who sees it and even more particular about who touches it. But you can see here that a rotten mousie almost got to my tummy! I let him think he was getting away with it for awhile. Then I quickly rolled over.....tossing the mousie off to the side and promptly pounced on him. I put the bitey on him and then rabbit kicked him. He was a goner when I was done! That'll show him......and be an example to those that might try to lounge on my tummy in the future. Hmmph!!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Meezer Monday!!!!!

I enjoyed some good weather this weekend. You can't tell in these pictures, but we did have some sun this weekend. Meowm couldn't resist taking some pictures of me as I was sitting so nicely in the window. And she caught me wth my mouth open! I am so embarassed!

I can't show you my birthday gift yet. Lots of people had a hand in making it and it is great. When I can show you, I will! You will all love it!!! I do!!!!!!!!!!!

Later! I am off to nap!

Friday, April 13, 2007

WOO HOO!!!! It's Friday!

Meowm and I didn't want to get up this morning! Well, okay, I wanted us to be up so I could get fed, but after that we went back to sleep. I didn't even want to get off the bed when Meowm got ready to leave. I was so comfy! I can hardly wait for Meowm to get home! She is mine for the whole weekend!
I didn't get my birthday present last night. A couple of Meowms friends took her out and when she came back, her toes looked and smelled funny. She said she had gotten a that like what Skeezix got done when he got the pink toes? Anyway, I was just glad she was back home. She says I will get my gift this weekend.
I am gonna go nap some more! See ya Monday!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Questions about Beethoven answered and Meowm and I are celebrating our Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!

Beethoven is, as near as we can figure, 17 years old. He is a geezer cause he is an old cat. I am not sure when you actually are considered old....but at 17.....well, let's just say he has been around for a day or two!

We are celebrating to day! Meowm's birthday is today and she didn't know when mine was so she decided that we would share a birthday! I'm not sure how we are going to celebrate....but I am certain we will have fun!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beethoven......the Geezer Meezer

Here is Beethoven....the Geezer Meezer. He belongs to Meowms friends that she just visited. He used to have a brother named Mozart, but he disappeared some time ago. Since Beethoven has lived in a bigger city, he has been an indoor meezer. Meowm says he is a very loving meezer....she says he loved to be scritched and petted and would give lots of kisses. He also likes his belly rubbed and tolerates his feets being petted too! I think Meowm gave him lots of attention while she was there. She also bought him some toys and a millie bed from the Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue while she was there. Apparently she visited the rescue, but her flashy box died while she was there. I think Meowm would have brought Beethoven home with her if she could have.

Stay tuned for a wedding picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Meowm is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is catching up at work, so we can't do much of a post today.....but I am so happy she is back!!!! I rubbed and rubbed on her and talked to her! She petted me and hugged me and kissed me! I AM SO HAPPY SHE IS BACK!!!!!!! I think she missed me! We took a nap together yesterday! It was so nice to have her there to sleep with!
My sitter took great care of me! She fed me well and played with me and she brushed me alot on Sunday! It was great! But I AM SO HAPPY MY MEOWM IS BACK!!!!!!! I didn't want her to go to work this morning and she didn't want to go to work this morning, but she did. She has some pictures to share of a 17 year old meezer.....but we will share that tomorrow. For now I am just so HAPPY that Meowm is back!

Has anyone received their prizes?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some prizes are in the mail!

First, second and third place winners.....look for your prizes coming via the man in the brown shorts!!!!!

Meowm will get the others out after next Monday!

More of the zoo.....

Imagine what we could see if we had necks like this guy:

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And look at this huge guy! I never knew such large creatures existed!

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He has some lethal looking weapons doesn't he?

Here's a couple more cool cats:

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And Meowm loved this Red Panda:

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Meowm said this cat was about my size.....with black feet!

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And last, but not least, a bear trying to find some goodies:

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Meowm is leaving me tomorrow :(. I might be able to blog a little bit, but I am not certain...I might be able to talk my sitter into helping me. Everyone take care and have a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Meowms visit to the zoo.....

I thought she went here every day....but she says, no, it just seems like its a zoo.

This is in the front of Hogle Zoo:
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Meowm says its purrty cool with the water fountain and those two giant cats.

Look at this funny monkey:
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Then there are these cats.....I want big tails like they have:
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I'll share more tomorrow!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just a quick note....

Meowm is very busy, so we won't be able to post much this week. Plus she is leaving me on Thursday and won't be back till Monday! I do have a wonderful bean coming in to take care of I will be okay. But I will miss my Meowm.

The prizes for out contest are on the way to us. When Meowm gets back we will work on getting them sent out to their owners. If you participated in the contest or posted a comment that day and haven't sent us your address, please do so....we have a little gift for all of you. Send it to juniorbabeeAThotmailDOTcom.