Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We is sad for our furiend
Dr. Tweety. Dr. Tweety has been diagnosed with the evil "c". Unfortunately nothing can be down for him, so he has decided to live out the rest ofhis life having as grand a time as he can. If you would stop by and offer some purrs or crossed paws we would appreciate it.

Also our furiend GJ is having some tummy troubles again. If you could stop by and offer some purrs or crossed paws for him as well we are certain they would help bunches.

We are certain there are others out there in need of purrs and crossed paws, so let's all do that for all the others as well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tabby Tuesday

Holy meow! With two meezers in the house I am going to have to step up my game! I can't have them taking over everything! Thankfully, I still get my coveted spot on Meowms lap, so that is good. Sammy and I are starting to play a little. Well he is playing with Junior a little too. Meowm gets a little freaked out when she hears some funny meows come out of one of us when we are playing, so she keeps a close eye on us. But I am enjoying having a younger cat to play with.

I haven't been having any asthma attacks, but Meowm does have to figure out a new wet food for us and get me back on my meds, I am a real trouble to pill. Meowm has tried hiding my meds in all kinds of things, even smashing it to help hide it, but I k now it is there. She has found it best to smash it up in stinky goodness, so that is what she is searching for. She thinks the combination fo the recent dry food and the wet food she was giving us is what caused the acne. She uses only metal dishes for us, as she was told plastic ones help cause acne. I hope she figures out something soon, because I don't want all my chin furs going away.

Hey!!! Our good furiend Kimo finally decided to come home! He was on his walk-about for two weeks and finally made it back home. We are all very happy that he is back as his people, especially the little one, missed him terribly. We hope he never goes on another walk-about!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mancat Monday

WE GOT TURKEY!!!!!!!! It is so yummy! We want more and more!

We had a wonderful time! Meowm was home for 4 days!!! We got so many snuggles and so much play time, it was so nice! And we had plenty of snoozes on the big bed. Sammy is joining us more and more, but we aren't certain he stays thru the night.
Meowm is still working on his ears, they just have so much dirt and stuff in them. He hates getting the cleaner put in, but it will be best for him in the long run.

Meowm is going to have to change up our foods. It seems that Orion and I (Junior) are getting feline acne from the current foods. Orion has lost furs on his chin, and Meowm keeps a good eye on my chin. I haven't lost furs, but Meowm thinks I have more of a break out than I did before. She got some different food yesterday, so hopefully that will help.

Other than that, we pray for our furiends in need, whether they be lost, hungry or otherwise in need and we help where we can.

Everyone have a great week!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Day Before Turkey Day

I have lots to be thankful for this year. I found a lady who loves me and is taking care of me. This means I no longer have to wonder where my next meal is coming from. I don't have to look for a warm or cool place to sleep each night. I always have fresh water to drink. I have more toys to play with than I could have ever imagined! My health needs are taken care of and I no longer feel yucky and worn down. Most of all, I am LOVED!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

**We won't be back till Monday**

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Purring and Praying

For our buddy Kimo to find his way home. His humans haven't given up and neither have we!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mancat Monday

What a weekend we had! Lots of time with Meowm! We all got our own snuggles and pets and play time. Meowm worked a little more on clearing stuff out so we have lots of space to roam, but she says she still has more to do. We did have some white stuff on Friday evening, so we woke up to it on Saturday. We enjoyed a few window whiffies, but just a few because it was cold. We still have a few duckies hanging around, so we still enjoy watching them.

We are all sleeping on the big bed with Meowm at least part of the night. Some nights Sammy gets up and goes somewhere else, but he is spending more time on the big bed each night. Meowm is delighted! She would much rather have him sleeping on the big bed with us at night, than roaming around playing with all the toys! Or grooming himself! He grooms alot and is a very noisy groomer. We may have to resort to him doing that on the mornings that Meowm doesn't want to get up and feed us!

Speaking of Sammy, he is almost done with all his meds, his mouth healed up well. We are still working on his ears, and he hates Meowm messing with them, but she gets it done. And Meowm really needs to get some more pictures of him!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally Friday!!

Another Friday has rolled around and we are especially glad Meowm is home for this one. It is looking yucky o utside so we think it is going to get real cold and maybe drop some of that white stuff. Prime time to be snuggled up to Meowm.

I have to have gunk put in my eyes thanks to that new brofur of mine. I sure hope all that stuff that he is taking makes his sneezes go away! I don't want to have to take any more medicine!!!

Have a great weekend and please keep purring for our friend Kimo to come home!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sammy Thursday

Meowm took me back to the v-e-t last night. I wasn't happy to be put in the PTU. Last time I was very quiet in the PTU, but this time I let my feelings be known. I tried and tried to get out, but my claws of doom just weren't quite sharp and strong enough.

Once we got to the v-e-t, I didn't want to come out of the PTU! I knew yucky things were going to happen, even though Meowm assured me nothing bad would happen. I was right! It wasn't bad having my mouth looked at, which had healed up wonderfully, but I ended up having things poked in my ears! Two times in each one! Then yucky stuff got put down my throat! The only saving grace for this trip was I didn't get the you know what stuck up you know where.

I got settled in back home and was just calming down from my ordeal when along comes Meowm and puts more stuff in my ears! She put that stuff in there, then rubbed and rubbed, and then I finally got to shake my head! I couldn't shake it hard enough to get all that stuff out! Then along came Meowm again with these things that look like little tiny clouds. Meowm rubbed one around in each of my ears, and then finally left me alone! I'm going to have to watch her closely these next few days to make sure she doesn't sneak up on me with anymore gunk for my ears!

Meowm here: Sammy ended up with a cleaning solution and two antibiotics. The cleaning solution and one antibiotic for his ears and the other antibiotic for his sneezing. I also got some ointment for Junior's eyes, as he is having some gunk come out of one of them, I believe from Sammy sneezing. Sammy also got a supplement which I rub on his fur and he grooms it away. Poor guy. I hope he gets all better soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come Home Kimo!!!

We are purring and purring for our friend Kimo to find his way home. Please join us with purrs and crossed paws!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are here!!!

Meowm packed up a bag and took off for a few days. She is back now and we are so very happy to have her back. We were taken very good care of while Meowm was gone by her friend the Tall Lady. She came over and fed us, petted us and played with us. Sammy even came out and visited with her!! We had lots of fun with her!

Meown went and visited her step-sisters. Maybe some of you saw the silly picture sheposted of them on that Facebook thing. We did smell other kitties and woofies on her when she got back, but at least she didn't bring them home with her!

Once Meowm gets caught up at work and at home, we hope to get back to regular blogging and visiting!

Hope everyone is well, and for those having troubles, know that we are purring for you!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 07, 2011

Meezer Monday

There was lots going on around here this weekend. Stuff was coming out of hiding places and people were over moving things around. I hid under the bed as I am still kind of spooky. Once I came out there was a big pile of stuff to check out. Meowm says it will be donated, whatever that means. She said it was cleaning and re-arranging to help give me and my brofurs more space. Wow!!! I have brofurs!!! That is so cool!!!

I am feeling much better after my trip to the v-e-t. The people there told my Meowm I was a very good boy. All I know is I was poked and prodded alot, fell asleep for awhile and when I woke my mouth felt funny. But it was a good funny because some of my teeth were hurting me. I also got a bath and was told that I behaved like an Angel for that one. I guess I am a purrty magnificent cat huh?

I have been taking my meds well because it is buried in my foods, and I gobble that right up. However, the meds for my ears I hate! I run from Meowm (I have a Meowm!!!!!) and flatten my ears so she has a hard time putting those drops in there. Then I shake my head and the drops go flying onto Meowm. I love that part. But she isn't giving up, and I have to say that my ears are feeling better.

All in all I am settling in and liking it here. I would still like to go outside, and did escape for a moment the other day, but was scooped up before I could decide where to go. Ah well. It wasn't so bad going back inside where it was warm and comfy.

Meowm did tell me that I am FIV+, and she told me that I can get sick easier than most cats. She thinks I got it from one of the bites that she helped me with when I was still outdoors all the time. But she told me not to worry as she was going to do her best to take excellent care of me. I feel like I have won the lottery!!!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem

Need we say more?

Special thanks to Zoolatry for whipping up the peace globe.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Thank you all for your support and the links and information on FIV. Meowm knew it was no longer a death sentnece, she just needed to be more informed on other aspects of this disease.

She still worries about us getting it from Sammy, but knows that we are getting along fine right now. She will be watching, and if we take a turn for the worse, she will deal with it at that time.

The other worry Meowm has is the expense of the v-e-t bills that may pop up. She will start getting a savings together to alleviate that worry and will be checking into pet insurance, although she doesn't hold out hope that he is insurable.

Also, Meowm will be doing a thorough cleaning and tossing out of things in our home. She wants us to have space when we need it, and she can give us more of that by tossing out some stuff. She says she has needed to do this and this is the purrfect time to do so.

If she can, she will be creating some hidey holds for us, and some spaces we can go up a bit high to get away. We all currently have our favorite spots away from each other anyway, but a few more places won't hurt. She is not sure how it will work out, since our place is 551 square feet, but she will try.

So, as you can tell Sammy is staying. Meowm says she didn't take him in lightly. She had no plans of bolting at the first problem, she just hadn't figured on it being something like this. She does know that Sammy was bit twice while he was outside, as she took care of both of those wounds for him. She just didn't think about the possibility of FIV positive at the time.

Meowm welcomes all suggestions whether it be for hiding places for us, or helpful supplements for Sammy. It appears his problems will lie with his teeth and ears. We are hoping and purring, that with the worms gone, his intestinal issues will clear up and not be a problem in the future.

He bounced back purrty quick when Meowm brought him home Monday evening. He was roaming around and playing and was ready for food in no time. We can only imagine that having 6 bad teeth was no comparison in pain to having them pulled. He does have stitches and Meowm has to take him back in for a check up on those.

He does groom alot, and Meowm is a bit concerned about that, so when she takes him back for his check up, Meowm will have his skin looked at for possible issues there. She hopes that the grooming will mellow before he goes back. He did get groomed at the v-e-t so maybe he didn't like the smell of the shampoo, or just needed to get the v-e-t smell off him. Either way, Meowm will keep an eye on him.

Again, thank you all for your support. Meowm cried alot of tears since the diagnosis, and when she saw the blog yesterday and all the responses, well she broke down in tears again, but good ones this time.