Monday, September 30, 2013

Meow Monday

Orion-I continue to be Meowms boy!  Aunt Anna told Meowm that when she leaves I meow at the door for her, and towards the end of the day I meow at the door for her.  I can't help it!  I love my Meowm!  I love sitting in her lap!  I love snuggling with her!  I love sleeping with her!  I just love being anywhere near her!

Sammy-I love Meowm, but not that much!  I purrfur to have my own space for most stuff.  I will curl up with Meowm at night, but that is the main time.  I am still very interested in the girl here but Meowm thinks it was a bit calmer last week.  I am just storing up energy for another time!

Emily-This is an older picture of me.  I have put some weight back on thank goodness!  My poor little bones were sticking thru my furs when I came here.  I continue to adore my Aunt Anna, and love that she is my person to sleep with.  The stinky boys don't curl up with her!  I even like to hang out on her bed most of the day now!  I have quit spending so much time in my corner!  I may just get to liking it here after all.

All of us-Aunt Anna trimmed out claws o' doom last week!  She got all of us, even Orion's only remaining claws on his back legs!  It has been a relatively scratch free week for the humans in the house, but we will make up for it somehow!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bad Boy Thursday

I was a very bad boy this morning.  I cornered Emily in the human litterbox room.  Together we raised a ruckus that had Meowm bounding right out of bed.  When she slapped the wall in there to distract us, I knew I was in trouble so I skeedaddled for the bedroom.  Meowm was not pleased and closed me in there.  I heard her say that if she could get away with it I would be in the bedroom all day! 


That nasty gray boy cornered me this morning!  I was going for a leisurely discovery walk to the big litterbox room when he cornered me.  I was forced into a protective spot below the human litterbox !  That is not the nicest place to have to defend one's self!  But I gave it all I had!  I was very glad when Meowm came bumbling in to get rid of the gray one.  He dashed off as soon as Meowm banged the wall, and she took off after him.  It was then that I made my escape to my corner in the living room.  She did come out to check on me, but I was having none of her touching me.  I headed over for some foods, and she obliged, giving me some fresh stinky goodness.  I also have her trained to give me some treats before I will even begin to touch the stinky goodness.  I allowed her to pet me after she had done this, but only once!  Later, before she left to where ever it is she goes all day long, when I was curled up on my bed, I let her pet me a bit more.

~~Emily-fierce warrior!

Oy vey!  I so wish this stuff would stop!  Yes, I would leave Sammy locked in the bedroom all day if it wouldn't be for Orion crying to get in and out all the time.  Tails were floofed up and everything.  I was definitely not pleased.  Hopefully all parties will calm down and this evening and tomorrow morning will prove to be calmer.

~~A weary Meowm

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday

The Meowm worries about me.  I have been vomiting a bit lately, most likely because of hairballs, but she still worries.  After the second round of steroids for my ear infection I seem to be better, but when I don't eat much and start vomiting, she worries. 

Meowm finally got the money to pay for my last vet bill.  She has been praying that I don't need to go back before the end of October and she has also been praying that her bonus will be a decent size.  So much rests on those nasty green papers!

I am completely enjoying having Aunt Anna as my person.  I am so happy that I have someone to snuggle with at night and that I have my own bed to hang out on.  I don't mind if the orange stinky boy gets on there while I am not on it, but if I am on it, they had better stay away.  I am not afraid to defend my bed.

I also am letting the Meowm pet me a bit more.  Sometimes when Aunt Anna is in the hospital, Meowm will lay down on mine and Anna's bed so I can snuggle a bit.  The only problem is that those stinky boys always have to come over.  Especially that orange one...he is a Meowms boy! 

I am still finding some sun puddles to lay in and am so glad they are still hanging around.  We all hope that they continue to show up for me, especially thru the winter months.  Meowm has a feeling I will enjoy the fireplace bunches when it is turned on.



Monday, September 16, 2013

Meezerly Monday

We bid on a surprise package from the Katnip Lounge in Noir's auction and we won.  The package arrived over the weekend and boy did it have goodies in it!  We would show you pictures except Meowm can't find her flashy box!!!!! 

The package contained tie dyed items, straws, silver vine, valerian root, sparkle balls, a mousie, books, pipe cleaners, and real feathers that we are guessing real live birdies had dropped! 

We all enjoyed sniffing at the smells and we all enjoyed some valerian root!  It made Meowm sneeze!  Meowm says we can enjoy some silver vine soon.  Hopefully she can find her flashy box so some pictures can be taken!

Hope everyone has a great week!

~~Sammy-the female chaser!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

We are here.  Emily is enjoying the sun puddles, which are becoming fewer and fewer.  She manages to share with Sammy, which is a miracle.  I look elsewhere for puddles, because 3 would just be a crowd.  Or I am content to sit with Meowm.

We are all just hanging out and enjoying each others company.  Hope all is well in the 'sphere!


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Trying Times Tuesday

Things are a bit rough right now so we are sharing pictures of our beloved Junior and just breathing.  Will be back shortly.