Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday!

We are absolutely thrilled that it is Friday again! WOO HOO!!! Boy did we have wind yesterday! We think we saw Dorothy and Toto go by! Then we got lots of rain last night! And it was going a bit sideways! Meowm had to close the window so everything didn't get wet. She did leave the big sliding glass door open though. Man, that rain was a sweet smell! We all huddled and sniffed to our hearts content. We seem to have new sleeping arrangements in this place. Sammy is sleeping on the top rung of the old tree, Junior is usually on the lower rung, and I sleep with Meowm on the big bed! Meowm says she kinds misses all of us on the big bed with her, and she hopes that we will all come back when old man Winter comes back around. We have a nice peaceful weekend planned! Hope all of you have a great one! ~~Orion

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump Day!

We have been living in blissful cool air since Monday afternoon!!!!! Meowm is so not grouchy now! No news on the water heater yet, Meowm just lets the complex hang themselves with these things. If they got back to her in a decent amount of time, it wouldn't be bad. But she calls, and leaves messages or speaks to someone, they say they will get back to her in in a certain amount of time. She gives them tiwce or three times more than that time, then calls again. If they still don't have an answer, she gives them more time, but keeps track of how long she has waited, which is usually a pitifully long time, and calls them again. Then they feel silly, and if they had only taken care of it in a timely manner to begin with, all would be well. We guess if they want to keep shooting themselves in the foot, well there isnot much we can do about it. Anyway, the unpacking and putting things away is going pitifully slow. Sheesh! If us cats had been doing this, it would have been done already! Meowm says we aren't having any visitors till the end of May, so she isnot in a rush to get things done. Plus she has to sort out stuff to get rid of. As long as none of us go in that box, all will be well! With any luck, we will have some new pictures this weekend. Meowm found the flashy box, so maybe the pawparazzi will be stalking us this weekend. Happy Hump Day! ~~~Junior

Monday, April 23, 2012

Meezer Monday

Why can't they leave things alone? Blogger and Facebook changing things......blah! It wasn't broken, don't fix it! Speaking of broken things.....the A/C and the hot water heater are not up to par in the new place. Now we don't much care about the hot water heater, but we do care about the A/C! Us cats do like the heat of the sun, but that is different from a baking home! Hopefully that will get fixed today and that will help Meowm not be so grouchy....and all of us will sleep better. The hot water heater...Meowm is very tired of things being wrong in her living environment. She likes to sit in that big tub o'water and we like to visit her while she is there. Junior drinks out of it, Orion likes water dribbled on the edge for him to drink, and I like it when water dribbles out onto the floor and bath rug. I try to catch the drops! But Meowm doesn't like to be in there when it is only lukewarm water. She has been washing her head furs in the sink, so she hasn't even dared the shower yet. Hopefully this issue will be fixed this week. Right now, as of today, it is more important for the air conditioning to get fixed. Anyway, we have been enjoying all our extra space and the cool breezes that do come in the windows at night. Even Junior is being more playful!!! Have a great week everyone! ~~~Sammy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I think we have settled in better than Meowm has. She is still unpacking and has decided that she needs to toss some stuff. No problem for us, we still get lots of boxes to climb on and play in!

Sammy has been coming out more. We wonder if he just doesn't know what to do with so much space! Meowm wants him to get back to his playing all evening, and sleeping thru the night. As it stands rightnow, he sleeps, then comes out to play at about 2 in the morning. You can imagine how irritated this makes Meowm. **snicker, snicker**

Meowm says her next goal is to get the dryer hooked up so she can move our litterboxes into the laundry room, and out of the bathroom! Something about she is tired of getting litter on the bottom of her feet every time she is in the bathroom, no matter how much she sweeps. We don't see a problem with having litter on your feet!

We are very much enjoying open windows! The one in the bedroom lets us see down on all our kingdom! And theone in the living room gives us real good whiffies. AND we get closer views of the birdies that fly up to land on the roof! Oh, I see one now...gotta go!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally moved!!!

Meowm says she has a few items left at the old place, but the majority of our stuff is moved! Orion and I have had a grand time exploring, but Sammy has been a bit spooked and spending a lot of time under the bed. He did come out last night and run around, and wake Meowm up a few times.

We got some brand spanking new toys, but don't expect pictures because Meowm isn't sure where the camera is yet.

We are loving our new home. So much space to roam and our old cat tree came back! We have one in the living room and one in the bedroom now! We truly live like Kings!!!!!


Monday, April 09, 2012

Mancat Monday

Well, we didn't get moved. After much discussion and looking on last Friday, it has been decided that we will move this coming Saturday into a 1 bedroom rather than a studio. Meowm says this will be more room for all of us, and htat is a good thing. But we will be glad when we get an actual living room back. right now it is full of boxes with stuff in them so we can't even play in them!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Well, it sure is getting interesting around here! Lots of boxes for me to shred! I can hardly contain myself!

I am liking scritches and rubs more and more! I twist and turn on the floor when Meowm starts petting me. She calls me her wiggle worm. I won't let her pick me up and carry me around, but I do jump into her lap sometimes for snuggles.

I have been terrorizing the schmousies around here! It is so much fun to whap them around the human litterbox room and to whap them under the big cold food box. Meowm says she will have to do a sweep under there once everything is moved out to get all the goodies out of there.

I brought Meowm a schmousie in bed one was shortly after Whitey crossed the bridge, so it really touched Meowms heart. I knew she was sad and something told me to bring her a schmousie.

Well, I am off to play a bit and then take a nap!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Meezer Monday

Grrrrrr! Meowm needs a secretary.