Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Purrs for our Buddies Skeezix and Ginger Jasper

We are purring for our little buddy Skeezix.  He is having some health issues and needs our purrs and prayers. 

We are also purring for our buddy Ginger Jasper.  GJ has had some troubles similar to the current ones before.  We are purring for him to fully recover once more.

Orion, Sammy, Emily and Meowm Rhonda

Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally Friday

My brofur is feeling better, but he won't let Meowm pick him up or pet him for very long.  Meowm is sad about that and hopes that he will get over his skittishness soon.

Meowm thinks that Emily is spending time away from her perch when she isn't home, but once she gets home, Emily purrty much goes back to her perch on top of the refrigerator.  She did hang out on the floor for a bit last night, and played a bit with a feather wand, but she still hardly lets Meowm pet her.  Meowm feels like we have a half wild cat in our midst, and then she feels that Sammy has reverted to about 1/4 wild again.  I guess I am the only tame kitty in the house.

Efurrybody have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toofless Tuesday

Junior here, reporting from the bridge.  I have been watching over my furmily since my crossing and they have been thru some stuff.  The most recent was yesterday when Sammy had the rest of his teefs pulled out.  Nasty stomatitis got all of them.  My Meowm was and is devastated.  This on top of the other illnesses, hers, mine and Emilys are wearing on her.  I hope she can feel the gentle paw I put on her when she is crying and feeling poorly.  I hope she can hear my gentle purrs to help heal her. 

I was and am so proud of her and all of you for what you did to rescue and adopt The Royals.  All us kitties, woofies, buns and others up here were cheering all of you on as the events unfolded.  I think the biggest cheer happened the minute they were sprung from animal control and safely in Meowm and Carols (Foster Mom for Brutus and Marigold) loving presence.  Miss Emily sure is a cutie and I hope she settles in well with my furmily. 

I must go now.  We are going to have more to welcome today after the happenings in the world yesterday.  We will get the new arrivals settled in and comfy as they wait for their humans, or we will help pair up the humans and animals who crossed recently. 

Missing you all, but watching over you and still loving you.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mancat Sunday and Monday

Missing our sweet brofur.

Watching the birdies!!!

Looking cute for Meowm!

We are all still here.  Meowm was sick, sick, sick last week.  Our Grandpawrents left and Meowm got sick the next day and didn't go back to work.  We have been purring on her since last Tuesday, and she is finally almost completely better.    Even Emily came and joined us on the bed for a bit for some scritches and to purr on Meowm a bit.

Meowm scanned FB this weekend for pictures of Blogpaws attendees, and was not disappointed.  She is most excited though, to learn that next year it will be within driving distance and has already, even though she shouldn't have spent the money, purchased her tickets for next year.  She thinks she saved about $85 purchasing now.

Sammy has to go back to the vet tomorrow and get a check up and Meowm is afraid that he will have to have his other teeth pulled.  His gums are quite red, so we will see what happens.  Meowm will then see about adding to her signature loan to get the rest of the vet bills paid for.  She will be seriously searching for insurance for me (Orion) and Emily.

Anyway, we are back and hopefully things will run smoother now and for quite awhile!

~~Orion, Sammy, Emily and Meowm 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I got to meet my Grandpawrents last week.  I don't recall having these in my life before I came here.  It was purrty wonderful!  They brought me a big airy bed to sleep on atnight, but even better than that was the fact that they were in it at night with me!  AND, even better than that was the fact that the stinky mancats stayed mostly with my Meowm so I had my Grandpawrents to myself!  I laid on my Grandpaw at night and I even crawled up on my Grandmeowms chest one afternoon for some snuggles and scritches!

The badd part is that they have left!  They deflated my airy bed, but I didn't get off of it!  They rolled up my airy bed, but I didn't get off of it!  Finally my Meowm had to come over and give my royal tushy a push to get me to move.  I was not pleased!  I would have gone to their home with them, except I heard my Meowm say they already have 3 cats!  I can not tell you how disappointed I was with this revelation.  Meowm says I will have to get used to the mancats here since I am staying here till I die.  Well, I will stay here till I die, but nothing is forcing me to get used to these mancats!  Only I will decide if I like them or not!  As a matter of fact, I will make that a royal decree! 

"I, Her Royal Highness Emily, will be the only animal, vegetable or mineral to decide if I like the mancats here or not." 

Now where is my royal paw stamp so I can sign this?  **paws thru a pile of stuff over here**  **paws thru a pile of stuff over there**  Oh, there is that crinkly ball!  **paws thru one more pile of stuff**  Damn!  It is not to be found!  Well, it is still a legitimate royal decree, you are all my witnesses!!!

Oh, by the way, I do miss my Grandpawrents.  I am not brave enough yet to get on the big bed with Meowm because the mancats are there ALL THE TIME with her.  What does a royal have to do around here to get some alone time with her Meowm?


Friday, May 10, 2013

I still have all my teeths in this picture.  Meowm hasn't taken any new ones of me yet.  I am doing well and Meowm says I need to go back for a check up within the next few days.  Right now Grandmeowm and Grandpaw are visiting, so we are being busy getting extra pets from them.  Even Emily has come out of her shell quite a bit. 

Anywhoozles......just wanted to let you know all is going okay so far.  Thank you for all your purrs and helpful suggestions for Meowm and me.


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Purrs for Sammy

UPDATE 2:  Sammy ended up having 13 teeth pulled.  Time will tell if he needs more pulled or not.  H was given shots of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and pain medicine so I don't have to try to get any down him.  He has been home for just over 3 hours and just ate a little bit of wet food.   He is still feeling the affects of anesthesia.  He will go back in about 10 days to double check how his mouth is doing.  If I think he needs more pain meds the vet will get some for me to give to him.

UPDATE:  Sammys FIV+ status has caused stomatits to develop.  He had no major issues with his dental in February, but now it is bad enough that he will have teeth pulled and will be getting a steroid shot to help with the inflammation in the back of his mouth.  In a few weeks he may get another steroid shot, dependingon how his mouth is doing.

Thank you for the purrs and prayers.

Meowm here:

I don't remember exactly when it was, but Sammy started having trouble when he yawned.  I know he was having trouble before his dental in February.

Anyway, sometimes when he yawns he will let out a little scream and run away from where ever he is.  So something is hurting him when he yawns and he thinks it is in that place, hence his running.  And he stays spooked for a bit once he gets away.  The vet didn't notice anything unusual when she did his dental in February, so I let it go and watched him.  It kept happening when he would yawn, although not every time he yawned.  Then last night it happened while he was eating some wet food.

I can't let this go on anymore not knowing what is wrong.  So he went to the vet last night, and she will need to put him under anesthesia to get good x-rays of his mouth and jaws.  He wouldn't even open his mouth for her last night, and he tried to bite several times.  She wanted me to bring him back Friday, when she was in again, but I didn't want to try to put him in the carrier again so soon, because he hates it, so I left him there last night and he is getting looked at today.

Oh, he has also lost 11 ounces since his dental in February.

Needless to say I am concerned and stressed, hence the requests on the Blogosphere for purrs and prayers.

Thank you all for your support.

Meowm Rhonda