Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things on Thursday

So, Emmy got a pod and we got this box!  Purrsonally I think the box is better, but I do admit I am curious about the pod.

Meowm got these purrty flowers the other day!  She sniffed at them every time she walked by and hid them away at night so we wouldn't chew on them.

Miss Emmy sniffed out the flowers Meowm got after the human vet stole her gall bladder.

Sammy and I sure enjoyed the fireplace on the air bed while it was out.  We can't wait till it comes back out!

We think about our brofur all the time.  Meowm says he visits us and she talks to him when she feels he is visiting.

That's it for our Thursday!


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Throne Thursday

So, my new throne arrived....and after a bit of sniffing, I have deemed it totally worthy!  I would purrfur a more regal color, but this one sets off my eyes, so I can cope with it.  I may have to fight tooth and nail to keep the stinky boys out of it, and I will.  I overheard Meowm say she may have to splurge later in the year and get the boys one.  Till then, I will enjoy my throne...I do wish it sat a bit I can look down upon my subjects!  I may have to paw a letter to Hepper about that!

~~Her Royal Highness, Emily