Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Monday, January 28, 2013

Mancat Monday

Meowm feels recovered enough from the horror of accidentally delieting some pots last week to help us post again.  She was very glad she didn't delete the post she did for Junior after his passing. 

We have more of that white stuff now.  We wish Miss Khyra and Mister Remi could come enjoy it!  We are glad because it has caused the temps to warm up a bit and that makes us feel good.  meowm is glad because it cleared out the nastiness in the air and now she can breathe easier and might actually feel like running some errands and getting some stuff removed from the house that needs to go. 

Meowm is still recovering from Juniors passing.  She still cries sometimes and continues to light a cancle each night for him.  Well, actually, it is one of those little things that look like a votive candle and they run on a battery.  She likes those and they add a nice little glow to our room at night while we sleep. 

Orion and I are doing well without our big brofur.  I am actually coming out of my shell a bit more.  I am spending more time in the living room, especially by the fireplace, and I now make biscuits of happiness sometimes when Meowm scritches me!

My food dish was empty this morning around 4:30 so I let Meowm know that I was hungry.  I don't meow at her, I do that kind of hum/purr thing and that was enough to finally get her out of bed to put food in my dish.  Which I promptly ate some out of then covered it with the nearest rug.  I still feel the need to hide my foods so no other cat gets it.  meowm chuckles at me, and if I am having a hard time getting it covered, she will come cover it for me. 

Well, time to go nap!  I think I willcurl up on the big bed with Orion and snuggle in.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Meowm was just cleaning things up, after making a nice post for today, and ended up deleting some recent posts, rahter than deleting some drafts!  CRAPOLA!!!!!!!!!