Friday, June 29, 2012

Finally Friday

Look! It's Sammy! And there's the Greenies! And the Rachel Ray food! There is also some Royal Canin, and some Natural Balance goodies! It's a kitty paradise at Blogpaws!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Close Up of Some of the Goodies

Look at all those Temptations and those Greenies!!! And Meowm gave some away! So much wonderful goodness! Meowm is going to donate the doggie stuff to a rescue, she is thinking the Basset rescue! We will show you more on Friday! OOPS! Meowm got the wrong picture in there, but at least you can see the food dish and measuring cup from Natural Balance. Also those bags with the number 6 on them, that is Rachel Ray woofie food. They are apparently working on their kitty food line as we speak. We will get back to the Greenies! You can see the nifty Blogpaws t-shirt with the design that Glogirly created! And there is the mousebreath t-shirt Meowm got from Skeezix FL to wear to the awards ceremony! The stuffed woofie has a story behind it, which Meowm will share later too! More later!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Swag Monday

Here is Orion and I with most of our swag. We hit the jackpot!!! Over the next few days we will share more pictures, although we are disappointed because Meowm dropped the ball on getting lots of pictures actually AT Blogpaws. She has some learning to do of how to juggle the swag, our flat selves and taking pictures! Meowm here: I had a blast at Blogpaws! The boys are right, my picture taking got put on the back burner with all that swag. But I met so many cat Moms, and a few cats, it was wonderful. I will talk more about them over the next few days. What I will say for now is, get yourself to a Blogpaws conference!!!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally Friday

These are the pictures Meowm is using for flat cats. We just don't cooperate for the typical flat cat pose, so this is how everyone at Blogpaws will see us. Meowm is super bummed she had to work today and couldn't be there, but she is anxious for tomorrow!!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Look at me now!!!!!

Can you tell my furs is darker now? Meowm actually got a better picture of it, but that picture doesn't show my face, so she didn't use it. ~~Sammy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Meezer Monday

Meowm did get a few new pictures of us, not that you are seeing one here yet. She wants to get more, and she really has to get to work on those flat cats. We had a lovely weekend of R & R, plus some foods and play time thrown in. It was quite warm yesterday, so we all lounged quite a bit. Not much new to report. I am still fighting the acne and stud tail, and Orion is still pulling out his furs. The most healthy one of us, oddly enough, is the immunity challenged Sammy. Go figure. That is okay with us though, things could be worse. Have a great week everyone! ~~~Junior

Friday, June 15, 2012 lovely.

Can you see Sammy? This was one of the places he would sleep before we brought him in. Meowm thinks she has a good picture of me and my brofur for out flat selves, but not one for Sammy. She has decided she has to have a photo session this weekend. It should be interesting. She also has to get the place cleaned up in case anyone from Blogpaws wants to come meet us. As for us, we have just been enjoying more space and wonderful sun puddles. The really good, hot afternoon sun puddles!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

Meowm is so fired! No help with a post yesterday. No new pictures of us. No work done on creating flat replicas of us. We are going to have to pounce and beat the snot out of her!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Finally Friday

Well, Meowm scooped the litterboxes twice yesterday, and last night she didn't smell any overwhelming ammonia smells. She was scooping once a day before. She is thinking that maye this is how it will be with having 3 of us, and in a warmer apartment. She will still keep an eye on us and see how things go, but for now she isn't worried as much as she was. In other news, Meowm purchased her ticket for Blogpaws this morning. She will only be able to go to the festivites on Saturday, but she is excited! None of us will be attending in our natural forms, but she is going to try to make some flat representatives of us. If that doesn't work out, anyone visiting for Blogpaws is welcome to come over and meet us in purrson. Well, you will meet Junior and I, but Sammy will probably hide. That's all for now! Have a great weekend! ~~Orion

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Officially Concerned

Meowm is officially concerned, one of us is having a strong ammonia smell in our urine. She has no idea which one of us it is. We are all being our normal selves and we seem to be drinking plenty of water. Meowm first noticed it in one of our litterboxes and thought maybe it was that particular box, but now the smell is in another box. Meowm hasn't paid the v-e-t for my last visit yet, and now she is looking at possibly having to have all our urine tested....and she wonders why she is stressed. Purrs would be very appreciated. ***UPDATE** Meowm talked to the vet and she said that (if Meowm remembers correctly) bacterial infections are rare in cats. She said if there were troubles it would be a UTI and that the cat would be going outside the box. Well, no one has been going outside the box that Meowm has seen or smelled. Still she is going to check around at home to be safe and then watch us like a hawk this weekend to see if anyone is straining to pee. Another option is maybe the new apartment, with it being a top floor apartment and being warmer, is causing the aroma to be stronger. Or it might be the current litter we are using, although we have been using it for some time. Something else Meowm is thinking about doing, is, one at a time, switching out our plastic litterboxes for metal ones. This way the aromas don't get stuck in the actual box. The vet did say that Meowm could bring Junior in and she would check his temperature if Meowm wanted her too. Meowm picked Junior because his ears have been real warm and his nose has been dry. However, that has been going on for awhile too. It's all a conundrum.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Blogville Pitty Post

We had no idea till we went and visited Puddles, but today is Blogville Pitty Post Day! Pitty's are the most singled out breed for Breed Specific Legislation, at least we think they are. We here more about banning Pitties than any otehr breed, although others are on "lists". We are firm believers that the woofie is only as bad as it's owner, so really the owners should be banned. We also firmly believe that if Pitties weren't used so much in fighting that they wouldn't be as singled out as they are. So we also need to ban dog fighting, both the ones that fight them and the spectators. It isn't cool to single out any breed, and that is why we are joining in on the Blogville Pitty Post today.