Monday, February 08, 2016

Hi Folks, long time no blog.

This is about all we have been doing.  Lounging.  Although not in many sunspots, but in front of the fireplace.  Meowm spoils us in the winter and leaves it running as long as she is in the place.

We are all doing pretty well.  We are all well fed, although we are finally on an all wet food meal plan.  Meowm hopes that will help those of us a bit rotund, slim down.  Although we feel like slightly rotund is no problem seeing how Meowm herself is a bit rotund.  The only one of us not rotund is Emily, she manages to keep her girlish figure ever at her age of 12-ish.

Speaking of Emily, she still has her suite to herself, and she likes it that way.  It keeps us calmer also. We all love playing with the Nekofly toy, but wish Meowm would play with us 24/7.

My brofur and I take turns on Meowms lap when she is in our suite.  I don't much like sharing, but I let him get away with it for awhile.  But Meowm has taken up that adult coloring stuff, so that and her pens get in our way quite often.  But she is good and makes time and room on her lap for us.

Most of you see her and a bit of us on Facebook.  She spends more time there these days.  It is easier to connect with everyone there.  She claims she will get some new pictures of us when the sun comes back  out and gives us some good natural light.  It doesn't quite make it into our window yet, so it will be a bit, but she will share when (and if) she gets it done.

Other than that we are all healthy (knock on wood) and enjoying life.

Hope all is well in blogland!