Monday, July 28, 2014

Mancat Monday

Meowm hasn't helped us blog in a coon's age, however long that may be.  She says she has had a hard time with it since Junior crossed the bridge.  And then tons of other stuff got in the way, and it still causing a bit of trouble, and she just hasn't felt up to it.  We just hang out with her, purr on her and let life move along.

Emmy is settling little by little, and when we say little we mean little.  She is taking steps much smaller than baby steps, maybe ant steps would be a good visual.  She has finally, as some of you saw, made her way to the tree that sits in the big bedroom and gets lots of good afternoon sun.  I don't think Sammy quite knows how to handle that.  He is still standing his ground about the big bed and under the big bed.  Anytime Emmy is under the big bed, you will find Sammy on the floor outside of it, just watching Emmy.  Meowm has to go shoo Sammy off sometimes so Emmy can come out for a breather.

By and large, Emmy is a cave dweller.  She likes to be hidden, but that might just be because we don't leave her alone enough.  Meowm says she can be very sweet when she wants to be, but we don't believe her!

Sammy and I just run around and play, or lay around and nap.  I annoy Meowm when possible, and am usually not far from her.

That is about all the excitement happening at our house.  We hope to check back in soon!

Orion and Sammy