Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Missing the Meezer Man

Meowm is finally getting around to some extra cleaning.  She hadn't touched the carrier that Junior made his final trip in.  she hadn't moved it, or removed the towel from it.  She finally did that on Sunday.  All she did was remove the towel from the carrier and the tears were falling.  She hugged and hugged that towel, and can't bring herself to wash it yet.  It now sits next to Juniors remains on her dresser. 

She says these last couple of weeks have been really hard, and she is missing him tons.  She says it is the hardest it has been on her in some time.  All we can do is snuggle her and purr on her.

~~Orion and Sammy..........Emily is much of a snuggler, but she will purr if she lets you pet her.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

We are still here and hanging in!  Meowm found the flashy box thing so she assures us a photo shoot is in the near future!

Our Aunt Anna is still having issues and trying to get sorted out.

Emmy has warmed up more to Meowm.  She has actually purred for her, rather loudly, and allows her to pet her more now. 

Meowm is tired from all that is going on, so when she is home she just hangs with us and tried to relax.  I purr on her as mush as possible.  She doesn't even have the energy to complain to, or about the noisy neighbors.  She has given up on the office doing anything about them.  She has just been searching for some suitable noise makers that she can sleep through, but that will block their shenanigans. 

That is all I have for now.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Meezer Monday

Meowm decided to share these pictures of me today so you could see the difference in me from around when I first came in with her, to a more recent picture of me.  I have to admit.....I struck gold in this house! 

I still chase my sisfur and now I have Orion doing it a bit too.  It isn't often we both end up in the big bed room together after doing this, but it happened a few times over the weekend. 

Mewom has been spending some time on the other bed with Emily these days.  She is also learning to be a bit more vocal so Meowm knows when she wants some company.  She is still pretty feisty!  Especially when she is in her bed on top of the refrigerator!  She tried to take a bite out of Meowm the other day when she tried to pet her up there. 

Our weather is turning a bit cool and Meowm does open the sliding glass door for us to sniff.  She had opened the big bed room window for us one day, but I got all excited trying to get a bird  and pushed the screen out of the window!  Meowm freaked out and slammed that window shut and it has not been opened since.  Now the screen is back in and has been for some time, but she still won't open the window!  Silly Meowm!!!



Thursday, October 03, 2013

MIssing Our Mancat