Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Turn the Day Pink!!

Today we celebrate our fabulous friend Skeezix!  We already posted about Skeezix and you can find it here.  Skeezix will be greatly missed by the blogging world, but not nearly as much as he is missed by his loving family:  The Food Lady, Mr. Tasty Face, Mao and Tripper.  We have been  thinking about his family and sending good thoughts to them since his passing.

We know Skeezix was greeted at the bridge by so many who have gone before us, including our brofur  Junior and sisfur China.  We bet Skeezy already has every cat wearing some sort of pink!

We always enjoyed when Skeezix posted about strollering.  It was so cool to see him out there, checking out the world.  We were even more impressed when he was walking on a leash with the Food Lady and he made headlines in Several newspapers. 

As we said before, Skeezix will be greatly missed, but he will rule the Cat Blogosphere forever!!!

~~Orion, Sammy and Emily

Monday, June 24, 2013

We Has Company

We has company. I remember her, because she came over to take care of us a few times when Meowm would leave.

I remember her too!  I put a bit of a bitey on her one time!  Meowm says she will be staying with us for awhile and that she is glad we remember our Auntie Anna! 

I don't know who this human is, but I have already whapped at her, scratched her and it is believed that I peed on an article of her clothing.  I have also rubbed on her and laid in her lap so she could pet me.  I think I like her!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sweet Skeezix

A STAR left us yesterday.   Skeezix crossed to the bridge.  He was 8 years young and will be greatly missed. 

He was a fashionista, a businesscat warning us of the dangers of vishus deer and selling repellant.  He was a scholar, participating in several spelling bees.  He was a world traveler, visiting far away places like Ireland and partaking in Mothers Milk.  He met celebrities and became one himself. 

He was a blogging phenomenon´╗┐ who led many of us to blogging, and did so much more.  He was, in a word, AMAZING. 

Just look at him.  Check out that awesomeness! 

Skeezix was preceded in death by many furiends in the blogosphere and Catster.  He was also preceded by his sibling Rocky the Gutter Cat and other family members.

He is survived by his loving Food Lady, Mr. Tasty Face, Mao, Tripper and his girlcat Daisy, and furiends around the world.

We know he was welcomed at the bridge by many, and that he is putting his own special design on the place at this very moment. 
Have fun at the bridge Skeezix.  We will do our best to help your family thru their grieving.  One day we will all meet and what a party it will be.
Meowm Rhonda, Orion, Sammy and Emily

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Auctions and Donations

Please go over, and send your friends over, to check out the Auction for Marigold's expenses.  Also if you have anything you would like to donate, let us know and we can get you connected with the people running the auction!

If you don't want to mess with auction stuff, and can make a simple donation, Go here and make a donation thru Paypal!

Share with your friends and family if you please!

Angel Junior saying help if you can please!  Thanks!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sadness Today

Miss Emily has found another place to nap.  She does love the cubes.

Miss Marigold got FIP and was let go to join Rose at the bridge.  Mom Laura is heart broken and we are sending her our prayers and purrs.

If you are able there is a donation page set up here and there is being an auction held to help with expenses.  If you can donate to the auction please let us know and we will send you an email with the contact address to send donation pictures and descriptions to.

Miss Nahla has not found her way home yet and her Mom is very, very sad.  Please continue purrs and crossed paws for her.  Thank you.

~~Meowm Rhonda

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Purrs and Crossed Paws Needed

UPDATE:  There have been a few sightings of her.  Please keep up the purrs and crossed paws!

Please purr and cross paws for Meowm's friend whose cat got out on June 8th.  Meowm's friend was in the hospital for 5 days and while she was there Nahla got out.  They are in Simi Valley, CA and she went missing from Patricia (road, street) near Heywood.  She was seen at the Creekside apartments.  Meowm's friend was not told about her disappearance till about 1 hour before she came home from the hospital and by then Nahla had been missing for 3 days.  Please share this story if you know people in the area as Nahla's Mom really wants her home.  She has been combing the area, has put up possters of her and contacted the local shelter.  Last night she put some of Nahla's items on the porch along with some food in hopes of coaxing her back home. 

Our Meowm is very upset about this, and would be out there helping look if she had the moneys to go out there.  As upset as she is, she knows her friend is at least 100 times more upset and worried.

Please purr and cross paws for Nahla to find her way home or for someone to find her and bring her back home.  She is micro-chipped, so that will help.

Thank you.

Meowm Rhonda, Orion, Sammy and Emily   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

I think we just about have Meowm healthy again.  We sure hope it sticks this time because we don't want to deal with anymore of her hacking and coughing, and we don't think she wants to deal with it either!

Meowm was finally able to talk a place into letting Best Friends come in and do TNR near our apartments.  The apartment people are less than helpful, so Meowm was stoked when a business nearby relented and wants to help a bit.  It is kind of self serving on their part, because the kitties create some issues for them with what they sell, but they realize that we are trying to help with that.  Now hopefully this same place will let us set up some winter homes and feeding stations this Fall.  That would be magnificent!!!!!

Miss Emily was incredibly well behaved this last weekend.  She had to go to the v-e-t and Meowm said she behaved very well.  Meowm expected scratches and possible bites, but none of that happened.  Emily has feline acne, so she had to get her little chin scrubbed off and she got an antibiotic shot for a couple of scratches that Sammy has given her.  Meowm says she thinks that Emily purred for a short bit while her chin was getting scrubbed off. She even rubbed on Meowm over the weekend for scritches and sat on her lap, and hung out on the comfy spot on the chair Meowm sits in!  It was a true miracle!!!

However, now that Meowm needs to get more medicine on her and give her chin another scrubbing, she is all hissy at her.  Meowm will have to learn to be very sneaky to get her taken care of.

My brofur and I are well.  Sammy's mouth seems to be all healed, although he needs to go back for his check-up to be sure all is well.  Meowm will also have to sneak attack him to get him in the carrier.  Sammy hasn't been sleeping with Meowm much, we think he is busy stalking Emily.  Poor girl!

I continue to sleep with Meowm every night.  She tells me she is very glad she still has a snuggler, because she would be very sad without one.  She scritches me and tells me I am a good boy and that she loves me very much.  Well, the feeling is mutual I tell you.  I love my Meowm!!


Friday, June 07, 2013

Fabulous Female Feline Friday

I loves, loves, loves my sun puddles!!

And I loves, loves, loves playing with feather wand toys!

I has a new friend!!

Miss Khyra this one's for you!

Happy Friday !!!!


Monday, June 03, 2013

Meezer Monday

I really must whap Meowm upside the head and get her to take some new pictures of all of us.  Of course, we do have to give her a break, since she has been dealing with us being sick and her being sick.  Orion and I have been purring on her in an effort to help her heal quicker.  However, I have to tell you when she starts that coughing and hacking, neither one of us want to be very close to her.  She did bring home and interesting item last Friday.  She calls it a humidifier.  All we know is that it blows out some purrty cool air, and both my brofur and I were in its direct line of air this morning.  It made Meowm chuckle when she woke up.

In good news, Emily actually set on the arm of the chair with Meowm for a bit on Saturday.  It was truly a miracle, as Emily has been avoiding all she can for some time now.  Meowm has been having to put medicines on Emilys chin since she has an outbreak of feline acne.  Meowm thinks she does kind of enjoy when Meowm rubs the medicines in so good on her chin.  Oh, and also on Saturday, once she jumped off the arm of the chair, Emily kept walking by and rubbing on Meowm for some extra scritches.  It truly was a wonderful day.  Meowm says it is all because she has been hand feeding Miss Emily treats. 

In other news, we have just been informed that birds plotted nastiness and left tons of poops on Meowms car at work.  When Meowm saw it, all she could say was "holy shit".  She says not one car on either side of her even got any splashed on it!  I guess she will be washing her car at lunch time!

That is all for Meezer Monday!  Oh, except my mouth is all healed and I am meowing, eating and yawning with no problems.  But I still don't completely trust my Meowm again yet, and I am chasing Emily.