Monday, February 08, 2016

Hi Folks, long time no blog.

This is about all we have been doing.  Lounging.  Although not in many sunspots, but in front of the fireplace.  Meowm spoils us in the winter and leaves it running as long as she is in the place.

We are all doing pretty well.  We are all well fed, although we are finally on an all wet food meal plan.  Meowm hopes that will help those of us a bit rotund, slim down.  Although we feel like slightly rotund is no problem seeing how Meowm herself is a bit rotund.  The only one of us not rotund is Emily, she manages to keep her girlish figure ever at her age of 12-ish.

Speaking of Emily, she still has her suite to herself, and she likes it that way.  It keeps us calmer also. We all love playing with the Nekofly toy, but wish Meowm would play with us 24/7.

My brofur and I take turns on Meowms lap when she is in our suite.  I don't much like sharing, but I let him get away with it for awhile.  But Meowm has taken up that adult coloring stuff, so that and her pens get in our way quite often.  But she is good and makes time and room on her lap for us.

Most of you see her and a bit of us on Facebook.  She spends more time there these days.  It is easier to connect with everyone there.  She claims she will get some new pictures of us when the sun comes back  out and gives us some good natural light.  It doesn't quite make it into our window yet, so it will be a bit, but she will share when (and if) she gets it done.

Other than that we are all healthy (knock on wood) and enjoying life.

Hope all is well in blogland!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello Peeps!

We are still here hanging out folks.  Lots has been going on, keeping Meowm busy, well keeping her mind occupied.

We are just hanging out, staying warm, or staying cool...whichever the weather makes us do.  Why just earlier this week we had the window whiffies going on, and today, we have the heat going on and no windows open.  Mother Nature sure is weird this year.

I am still doing well with no teeth.  I enjoyed myself immensely while Orion was at the vet getting treated for his hyperthyroid....I didn't have to fight for Meowms lap.  It was beyond wonderful!  I couldn't chase that girl either though, because she has her own suite...with the big bed in it.  I miss that suite, but I can't give up chasing that girl.  I'm slimmer in this photo, Meowm has been calling me her lump.  She grunts and groans when she picks me up.  I am afraid that d-i-e-t word may soon enter my life!  Blech!

Orion is doing well after his hyper-t treatment.  He has put some needed weight back on and he gets his kidney values re-tested at the end of this month.  He continues to be a Meowms boy.....he just can't get enough of Meowm.  You should hear him talk to her when she gets up in the morning!  You would think he hasn't seen her in weeks, instead of hours!

Emmy is enjoying her suite, from what I can tell.  I peek at her through the crack in the door and sometimes we swat at each other.  She also gets the added enjoyment of going out on the porch sometimes when the weather is nice.  Meowm lets us boys out there sometimes too and we soak up the sunshine and smells....just like Emmy does out there.  She really is quite the little princess, you should see Meowm carry her out to the porch!  Her health is good aside from a few allergies that Meowm is trying to figure out.

We are working on getting Meowm to take some new pictures of us!  Hopefully the Sun will come back out sooner, rather than later, and we can get Meowm in gear to snap some of our lovely selves.

Well, that will be all for now.


Monday, October 27, 2014

We are still here folks!

We are still here.  Meowm seems to have lost her voice since our brofur Junior passed.  We don't know when, or if, we will get back to blogging, but we have hope!

For now, news about us can be found on Facebook but don't count our blog out just yet!

~~Orion, Sammy, Emily and Meowm

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Huge Loss

We didn't visit her blog much, and Meowm met her Mom, Janiss a few times at Blogpaws.

Beautiful and fearless Sparkle passed yesterday.  She had been fighting illness and her little body couldn't handle it anymore.  However, her spirit will live on in the hearts and memories of those she loved and those who loved her.

~Orion, Sammy and Emily

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Sweet Orion

Meowm here:

I have been concerned about Orion this week. His ears have been very red and quite warm, but he seems to be doing better.  But in watching him closely I am made more aware of how incredible he is.

Orion is my Momma's kitty.  He wants to be near me at almost all times.  If I get up and go somewhere, he almost always follows me.  He spends most every night in bed with me.  If I go sit on the porch and leave him inside, he sits at the screen and meows for me.  While I am watching TV, which I do on the computer, he spends most of his time on the desk right in front of the screen.  Occasionally he will go somewhere else and lay down but keeps me in view.

When I go to bed he is right there beside me.  He lays on a pillow up near my head.  Close enough that I can pet him, but also far enough away that I can reach up a hand and give his little paw a squeeze of love.  When I have his paw in my hand and am giving it that little squeeze, he clenches up his paw as if he is giving me that little squeeze of love right back.  Very often I will open my hand, but leave his paw in the palm of my hand.  He will then adjust himself to lay his head on his paw and go to sleep that way.  Or sometimes we are laying in such a way that he moves his paw to my arm, and lays his head in the palm of my hand and goes to sleep.  Sometimes I move my arm away and he reaches out with his little paw curved to pull it back.  I can't tell you how much these rituals warm my heart and make it glow.  One night I woke up during the middle of the night and we were forehead to was very sweet.  

When he lays in my lap, he is content to stay there for hours.  If I didn't have to get up and move, he wouldn't get up and move.

He is more Meezer than Junior was, or Sammy is.  He does more talking than the two of them combined.  He does not hesitate to talk to me about everything.  I only wish I could understand.  And he is the quickest to purr, and purrs long and loud.

He follows me to the door, and would go with me if it didn't involve a car ride.  And he is waiting for me at the door when I get home.  While my friend was living with me, she told me that Orion would meow at the door for a bit after I left.  Such a sweet boy.  I think he would be happiest if I was at home all the time.

He loves to be scritched anywhere on his head, and along his jawline is one of his favorite places.  As you all know, he pulls out his fur about midway down his back to his tail and then some off his tail.  I recently saw a diagram of how the muscles are affected in cats who are declawed.  So I have started doing a bit of light massage just on each side of his spine near where he pulls out his fur.  He will lay there quietly while I do this, and as I continue he will close his eyes in contentment.  I believe it feels good to him.  He doesn't like this near his back hips, but I will keep working on it.  This is the most he has let me touch him in those areas since he adopted me.  I truly hope it helps him.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say about my sweet boy right now, so I will get this posted.

Meowm Rhonda

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mancat Monday

Meowm hasn't helped us blog in a coon's age, however long that may be.  She says she has had a hard time with it since Junior crossed the bridge.  And then tons of other stuff got in the way, and it still causing a bit of trouble, and she just hasn't felt up to it.  We just hang out with her, purr on her and let life move along.

Emmy is settling little by little, and when we say little we mean little.  She is taking steps much smaller than baby steps, maybe ant steps would be a good visual.  She has finally, as some of you saw, made her way to the tree that sits in the big bedroom and gets lots of good afternoon sun.  I don't think Sammy quite knows how to handle that.  He is still standing his ground about the big bed and under the big bed.  Anytime Emmy is under the big bed, you will find Sammy on the floor outside of it, just watching Emmy.  Meowm has to go shoo Sammy off sometimes so Emmy can come out for a breather.

By and large, Emmy is a cave dweller.  She likes to be hidden, but that might just be because we don't leave her alone enough.  Meowm says she can be very sweet when she wants to be, but we don't believe her!

Sammy and I just run around and play, or lay around and nap.  I annoy Meowm when possible, and am usually not far from her.

That is about all the excitement happening at our house.  We hope to check back in soon!

Orion and Sammy  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sweet sleepy boy.  Miss you.

Play time Meowm?

Pet me Meowm!

Oh sweet ray of life giving warmth, how I love you!