Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Two fer Tuesday

Sorry we missed everyone lately! Meowm has been super busy at her jobbie and she had a nasty head hurt yesterday!

We have been purring for all who need purrs! We ended up with more of the white stuff this weekend. Miss Khyra-you wouldn't have liked it! It was very wet and very heavy! Not all floofy like your tail! It has melted off now, but we have cooler temperatures again.

We did get lots of snuggle time with Meowm this weekend, especially since she stayed home yesterday. Now, we already anxiously await this coming weekend!


Blogger Admiral Hestorb said...

Hi Sweeties, you gorgeous babies!!!

April 05, 2011 10:07 AM  
Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hope you get more time with your Mum this weekend and that she feels good!

April 05, 2011 10:17 AM  
Blogger Kea said...

We hope your mom feels better now!

We didn't get snow on the weekend, had wet flurries on the Friday before, though. But we, too, are waiting for WARM weather!

-Fuzzy Tales

April 05, 2011 10:46 AM  
Blogger The Meezers or Billy said...

it might snow here tomorrow!

April 05, 2011 11:57 AM  
Blogger Katnip Lounge said...

You boys be good Nurse Cats for your Mom. Our Mommy knows about busy, she had to be at work at 3 AM yesterday. Make sure you pin your Mom down for a nice snuggle tonight.

April 05, 2011 1:02 PM  
Anonymous Lucille said...

Sorry to hear your human was having headaches... Hope she is feeling better already...
Must be the snow again... you know weather do impact your mood...
For example now that it is spring here, my human is smiling more even if nothing really changed or improved lately!
Must be the flowers blooming...???
Take care, ciao Lucille

April 05, 2011 2:20 PM  
Blogger Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo two are sight fur a hungry tummy - I mean, woo two are a sight fur sore eyes ;-)

Please take good khare of your meowm!

PeeEssWoo: *SIGH:SNOW!*

April 05, 2011 4:24 PM  
Anonymous Sparkle said...

And you guys thought it was spring...

April 05, 2011 5:42 PM  
Blogger Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh no - I'm sorry to hear about your human's head ouchie!! I hope it's all better now. I'm sure your purrs helped a lot!

Honey the Great Dane

April 05, 2011 6:08 PM  
Blogger The Island Cats said...

We bet all that snuggling with you helped make your mom's head feel better!

April 05, 2011 7:36 PM  
Blogger Lorenza said...

I hope your Meowm head is better now!
And like you... I can't wait for the weekend!
Kisses and hugs

April 05, 2011 8:27 PM  
Blogger Mr Puddy said...

Purrs for your mom to feel better. And best snuggle from you guys..A little bit of kisses from me. She will be fine : )

April 05, 2011 8:36 PM  
Blogger d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

You guys stay inside and cuddle!!

April 05, 2011 11:08 PM  

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