Thursday, June 25, 2009

An award!!!!!!!

Brandi gave us this wonderful award! Thank you Brandi!

The rules for this award are simple:

1. To link to the person who passed you this prize.
2. Display the badge, the rules and the questionnaire in all or one of your blogs
3. Come back toBLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List..
4. Have fun!
Also post the following Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Brandi
2. His/her site’s title and url:
3. Date when you were tagged: June 23, 2009
4. Seven friends you tagged: We think this award has been around the block so we are only gonna tag a few friends.

Creek Cats


Blogger Martha Basset said...

Congratulations on your Award - you are now officially international!!!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

June 25, 2009 9:43 AM  
Blogger The Creek Cats said...

Concats on your award and thanks so much for passing it along to us! We will proudly display it in our trophy case (awards page)!!!

June 25, 2009 10:46 AM  
Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations on your award!

June 25, 2009 12:02 PM  
Blogger pughy said...

Congratulations and thank you for giving it to me I have it displayed, but will add your name and so much for giving it to me.

Hugs GJ x

June 25, 2009 1:18 PM  
Blogger Whitey said...

Congratulations on your award! The bits of green in your quilt really accents your eyes quite beautifully!

June 25, 2009 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Loki said...

Hello Juniorbabee, Hello Orion,

Congratulations on your award! Thanks for your visit.

Big hugs,


June 25, 2009 2:03 PM  
Blogger michico*Adan said...

Congratulations on your award!!!
You are absulotely famous now!

June 26, 2009 2:21 AM  
Blogger Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats my 'golden' khat pals!


June 26, 2009 10:28 PM  

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