Monday, June 22, 2009

Meezer Monday

Well, while we did have to put up with the flashy box a bit...I am surprised it wasn't more than it was. Not that I am complaining. Meowm only roused me from sleep a few times to use the flashy box....and this picture is one of the results. It is a rather smashing picture of me, even if I do say so myself. I guess she got some good pictures of my brother too, but you will have to wait till tomorrow to see one of him.



Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think she has done a fine job with the photo!

June 21, 2009 11:08 PM  
Blogger pughy said...

That was well worth the wait, its a beautiful shot of you..

Hugs GJ xx

June 21, 2009 11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Junior you are very handsome and your Meowm captured it quite well! Mom has to take many many photos to get just one or two good ones. We have many, many photos of us with alien heads. :-D

June 22, 2009 3:49 AM  
Blogger The Creek Cats said...

Wow, that is a fabulous pic of you, Junior!

June 22, 2009 5:08 AM  
Blogger Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Junior, you look so hugable!!


June 22, 2009 9:04 AM  
Blogger Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo did get TREATS fur that, eh?


June 22, 2009 10:08 AM  
Blogger Noll's Nip said...

Well, you are handsome, so that means you are irresistable ;)

June 22, 2009 11:24 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Junior, it's a great photo of you! I hope you got paid in treats for your modeling session.

June 22, 2009 11:34 AM  
Blogger Martha Basset said...

That is a GREAT picture of you! We love it - you will need to have that in a photo frame so everyone can admire it when they visit your home.
Well done mom - of course she had the best model!
Martha & Bailey xxx

June 22, 2009 12:34 PM  
Anonymous Loki said...

Hey Junior, You look very nice. Just stopping by to hello.


June 22, 2009 6:33 PM  

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