Friday, December 07, 2012


Hi!  It's me!  I guess my name is Jan.I have landed in a nice, warm place with a lady that feeds me, pets me and plays with me.  The only thing a bit scary here is those big mancats!  They growl and hiss at me, so I growl and hiss right back!

I love scritches and rubs and I purr and purr!  The lady tells me that this is not my permanent home, but if my next one is this good, well, I can deal with that.  She does need help finding me a home, so share me on Facebook if you are on there and share me on your blogs, whatever those things are!

In the mean time, the lady is going to try to get some more of these picture things of me so every one can see me better.  Wish her luck, cause I like to wiggle and wriggle.

Oh, I bet you will here from those big boy cats purrty soon about how they are feeling about me.  That should be fun!

See you later!!



Blogger Prancer Pie said...

Yes, we are! You are adorable, Jan. Happy Friday, furriends. xoxo

December 06, 2012 9:31 PM  
Anonymous Sparkle said...

Jan, you are a little cutie! I hope you find a home - sans hissy mancats - that is as awesome as where you are now!

December 07, 2012 12:58 AM  
Blogger Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Don't woo let those BOYZ bother woo -

Show 'em GIRLZ RULE!


December 07, 2012 4:38 AM  
Blogger Marilia said...


December 07, 2012 7:29 AM  
Blogger Katnip Lounge said...

Hello sweetling! We think you might wrap up those stinky mancats around your pretty little paw in no time flat.

December 07, 2012 12:12 PM  
Blogger Ginger Jasper said...

You are lovely Jan and I am glad you are being cared for. I have everything crossed for a forever home.. Hugs GJ xx

December 07, 2012 12:26 PM  
Blogger Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Oh my, what a furry cute picture! Happy Friday to you!

-Brandon's Raiser
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December 07, 2012 4:04 PM  
Anonymous Colehaus Cats said...

Hi pretty Jan! We'll be purring for you to find the purr-fect forever home soon!

December 07, 2012 5:07 PM  

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